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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Eid Mubarak 1436 / 2015

Alhamdulillah, this year we celebrated Eid with happiness and in moderation. We spent quality times with both sides of the family. Last iftar and morning of 1st Syawal were spent at my mother's place in Klang with all my siblings, in laws, nephews and nieces sans my brother's first wife and their 4 kids (who only arrived after we left for Kelantan before Zuhur on 1st Syawal). Mak Yah, Haakem and I prepared the nasi impit and pulut palas, Mak Yah prepared the kuah kacang and I prepared the chicken rendang, all to be enjoyed together in Klang. My mother was really happy this Eid.


After the eid prayer, we took family photographs, had our meal, distribute the packet monies. We pushed off for Kelantan at around 12.30pm. Traffic was bad in towards Gombak toll and later in Raub but we managed to be on time. We stopped at Benta for toilet visit, in Gua Musang new R&R for Habibi to perform his solats but it was raining before the rest could get out of the car so we stopped at Gua Musang Grand Mosque instead. Traffic was really smooth until we aleft Kuala Krai. Approaching KB, there was a fatal accident, so the traffic was real slow. Habibi decided to take the village alternative road (Kemubu) and Alhamdulillah we reached Kg Berangan, Tumpat exactky at 11pm. We had a late dinner of Nasi Arab and went to bed.
I got up the next day just in time to perform my Maghrib/Isya solats and continued with Subuh. After waking up Habibi and Haakem I went back to sleep while waiting for my phone to charge. Around 9am I woke the girls up and prep them up for visits to the relatives. We left home for our first visit around 10am. 8 houses in total and we were back at Tok Ayah's at 6pm. Solats and rested. I packed our bags and the next day, after Subuh prayer, I woke the girls up and by 8.00am we were ready to bid our goodbyes.
We stopped by at my brother in law's house and then fuelled up at PETRONAS and by 8.30 we left Tumpat. Journey was smooth. We stopped for toilet breaks and Habibi to nap at Benta. We were warned that there will be traffic jam in Raub-Bentong so Habibi decided to take the Mempaga alternative route.

We arrived at Gombak R&R at 5.30 and stopped for solats. had some ice cream. After an hour, we left for Klang, arriving just as Maghrib azan was heard. We had our large dinner, prepared by Mak. After resting and performing our solats, we left at 11pm and arrived back home at midnight. ALHAMDULILLAH!!



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